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New Series and Pre-order

Welcome to 2017! I hope it’s a wonderfully happy and peaceful year for everyone.

I’ve got big plans for this year! The first book of my new contemporary romance series, FLORIA, is due out March 7th. It’s a sizzling, fun-filled romance that was an absolute joy to write.

Floria is a party-loving socialite with a famous opera singing mother and a wealthy politician boyfriend who is soon to propose. Life couldn’t get any better!

Then, after an unfortunate incident involving the paparazzi (and a jacuzzi) her boyfriend dumps her – and that very same week, her mother is found murdered in her Surrey mansion. Suddenly, everything she thought was secure in life, has fallen down around her. While dealing with her heartbreak, she has to contend with the police murder investigation and the unwelcome press.

Then her mother’s solicitor informs her she has three siblings, who all stand to inherit part of her mother’s fortune. After a lonely childhood and being shipped off to boarding school, Floria is ecstatic that she has three sisters with which to share her life. They all meet for the first time at Dame Serena’s funeral. But not all of them are as eager to welcome the new changes into their lives as Floria…

Enter dashing saviour of damsels-in-distress, Josh Hamilton. Financier and all-round good guy. The sparks fly between Floria and Josh as he endeavours to help her set up her new business, so she can prove to the world she is more than just an empty-headed socialite.

But Josh is unavailable and Floria is focused on her new business so any relationship between them is impossible and would only cause trouble. But then that’s what Floria is good at… Trouble.

I loved writing this book. Floria is such a bubbly, vivacious heroine who is friends with everyone and everyone loves her. She has a knack for getting into trouble, which makes for some LOL moments, but is so deserving of love that one can’t help rooting for her at the same time.

FLORIA is due for release on March 7th, 2017 – but is available for pre-order now. So do pop over and grab yourself a copy.

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