Louise Rose-Innes is a romantic novelist who lives in Surrey, in the United Kingdom. She writes contemporary romance and romantic suspense.

Born in sunny South Africa, Louise is a lover of sunshine and the sea, and this is often reflected in her novels. After completing a post graduate in Marketing Management, Louise headed off to the United Kingdom – where her mother was born – to gain work experience and travel.

She now lives in leafy Surrey with her family, and when she’s not writing, is traipsing through the beautiful countryside, or kayaking on the river Thames.

Louise is a member of the Romance Novelists Association (RNA), the Romance Writers Organisation of South Africa (ROSA) and the Alliance of Independent Writers (ALLi).

Louise loves to hear from her readers, so visit her on her Facebook page –www.facebook.com/louiseroseinnes or connect with her on Twitter – @LouiseRoseInnes.

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Unofficial Version

Hello, well, as I said I was born in Cape Town, which I truly believe is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The sun always shines, and on the rare occasion that it doesn’t it’s a stormy, wild kind of cold that brings with it giant swells and torrential rain. Everything operates in extremes.

Table Mountain, Cape Town

I grew up on the East Coast of South Africa, which was pretty wild. I spent my childhood surfing, kayaking and waterskiing, and was probably in the pool more often than out. Our house was surrounded by impenetrable jungle, so we shared our garden with snakes, baboons and the occasional leguan, a harmless lizard-type creature that lived under our swimming pool. We picked ripe mangos and avocados off the trees and ate them in the sunshine. It was idyllic.

When I finished school, I went to university in Cape Town, where I graduated with a post graduate in Business Science (Marketing). I used it for a couple of years, when I first got to London, as an accounting temp. I worked for so many different companies I’ve lost count. It was a learning curve, and while the work was uninspiring and often boring, it did leave me with lots of free time to explore my other love… writing.

It was during a particularly dull temp assignment in west London that I did a romance writing course – and loved it! My instructor thought I had potential, and I went on to write my first full length romance, Antarctic Affair, shortly after that. I didn’t submit it to any publishers at this stage, as I considered it too raw for publication.

Then my son was born and writing took a back seat for me for a couple of years. As soon as he went off to nursery school, I began working again, and writing in my spare time. This time my work took the form of an apprentice web designer for a multi-media firm, and so I learned all about web design, HTML coding and Content Management Systems. I enjoyed this far more than accounting!

On the writing side, I ironed out Antarctic Affair, and decided to self-publish it. The indie publishing industry was in its infancy at this point, and was largely very user-unfriendly. To self publish one need to have a basic understanding of HTML and formatting issues, as well as design capabilities. Plus, it was still looked down upon in many respects. I just did it because I could.

With the political volatility in South Africa reaching dangerous levels, I decided to immigrate to Great Britain, where my mother was born and where she returned to after her divorce. I have a huge, extended family here and was eager to get to know them better. So I packed up my typewriter, my surfboard and my child, and headed north!

My second book, The Italian Inheritance was an Amazon bestseller. I’m still not sure how I did it, but watching those sales clock up was exhilarating. Of course, Amazon was far less congested at that point, but the taste of success spurred me on.

I’ve written four contemporary romances and two romantic suspense novels since then. My latest series (The Levante Sisters Series) is due out next year – 2017. I’ve also got a  murder mystery on the go, and a thriller which I’m working on. So it’s all systems go! I no longer work full time, which is great, but I know how lucky I am. Not many can afford to concentrate full time on their writing.

I now live in leafy Surrey, near to the river Thames and the fabulous Richmond Park – and I love it. It’s not wild jungle like my childhood, but I can kayak on the river and walk through the park, admire the deer and the other wildlife and soak up the wonders of nature. And I’m only 20 minutes away from central London for writing workshops, conferences and seminars. What could be more perfect?

Connect with me on Facebook, (where I’m most prolific) and Twitter (where I’m less so). I’d love to hear from you.

Happy reading!

~ Louise

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